Dr. Ken Ponds and Christi Barret

Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ken served as Chaplain of Starr Commonwealth, Albion, Michigan for over thirty-nine years where he received in-depth training in family and youth issues. 

Within the communities of Albion and Calhoun County, in which Albion is located, Ken has served in numerous roles including Trustee and past President of the Albion Community Foundation; past President and present member of the Albion Rotary Club; Trustee and Treasurer of the Albion School Board; Trustee of the Battle Creek Health System Board; and Board member of the Calhoun Public Health Department.  Presently, Ken serves on the Calhoun Intermediate School District Board as Vice-President. 

An ordained pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Ken is Chair of the Northwest Lower Michigan Synod’s (NWLM) Publicly Engaged Church Table (committee) which is focused on advocacy work regarding social issues and concerns.  Ken helped to spearhead the formation of Antiracism work within the NWLM.  This work assisted him in becoming a driving force behind Starr’s extensive racial healing work.  This work ultimately led to the creation of Glasswing, a very effective racial healing effort and training, in which Ken is a certified lead-facilitator.  In addition, Ken is a certified trainer in Resiliency work with youth and families (RAP – Response Ability Pathways), and has training in Trauma and Lost in Children.

Ken holds an Associate of Arts degree from St. John’s College, Winfield, Kansas; a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in history from Concordia Senior College, Ft. Wayne, Indiana; and a Masters of Divinity degree from the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, and Christ Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri.

Ken established 1 Day LLC, shortly after retiring from Starr Commonwealth in 2015.  1 Day promotes critical thought and introspection focusing on racial healing and racial equity.  He is presently developing a blog entitled “Required of Us” which will focus on spirituality and racial equity.

Ken lives in Albion with his wife Sharon.  They have two adult children.

To schedule a training or consultation, please contact info@starr.org