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Zero to Three: Trauma Intervention Program

The SITCAP® “Zero to Three: Trauma Intervention Program” provides the parent/caregiver with education about physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children. It can reduce trauma symptomology in parent/caregiver and child, as well as facilitate and improve attachment using developmentally appropriate activities. 

The activities are age-appropriate for: 

  • Zero to three months
  • Three to six months
  • Six to twelve months
  • One to two years
  • Two to three years 

This program can also help reduce the incidence of long-term negative consequences trauma often has on infants and toddlers. It was designed to foster characteristics of resilience in children and their parent/caregiver.


Author: Caelan Soma
178 pages
ISBN: 1-931310-66-1
Published by: Starr Commonwealth

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