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Social Media and Trauma Workbook

This workbook was created by Denise Zimmermann and Amy Killgore in response to a need to educate our youth on appropriate social media correspondence as a result of a crisis or trauma. We teach youth how to behave at school, at church, at the movies; however, we have not taken the time to teach them how to appropriately use social media. Since social media is relatively new, youth as well as adults, need guidance about how to engage with one another appropriately using this medium. What we are teaching is empathy. But can empathy be taught? The answer is “yes.” A six-year study published by Developmental Psychology indicates that empathy, specifically cognitive empathy, begins to rise in girls at 13 and in boys at 15. Cognitive empathy is the ability to know how the other person feels and what they might be thinking. The “Teacher Guide Page” provides the educator with the directions as well as appropriate responses. The responses provided are not the only “correct” phrasings however they provide you with an idea of suitability. The book is divided into elementary, intermediate, and high school lessons and was created for advisory or short teaching periods of about 15—20 minutes. Suitable for third grade through high school.


89 pages
ISBN: 1-931310-62-9
Published by: The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

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