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Secret World of Substance Abuse

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What do items such as aerosol cans, tootsie-rolls, candy necklaces, plastic bags, cotton balls and hair “scrunchies” have in common? What does the salvia in our front yard have to do with substance abuse? What does 4:20 signify to most parents, educators and the community? By the end of this course, you will be more familiar with current trends, the drug culture, youth's perspective on drugs and helping them find a new normal. You will also learn how to respond to certain statements and questions without self-disclosing or shutting down the lines of communication. Course consists of included reading, assignments and test. CEs included.

Course Creator/Instructor: Denise Zimmermann

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn to be more familiar with current trends
  • Participants will learn to be more familiar with the drug culture
  • Participants will learn to be more familiar with youth's perspective on drugs
  • Participants will learn to be help youth find a new normal
  • Participants will review and practice how to respond to statements regarding youth substance use and attempts by youth, to solicit adult self-disclosure of the adult's substance use, if any.

Please Note:

This course takes approximately 6-hours to complete. You do not have to complete it in one sitting. Once you purchase this course you will have access to it for 1-year (365 days). You must complete it in that time period. You may renew it for another year for an additional fee if necessary.

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