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Response Ability Pathways® (RAP)

"Response Ability Pathways: Restoring Bonds of Respect" (RAP) translates research on positive child development into practical methods to foster pathways to responsibility. This text is written in practical language with footnotes documenting the research base behind the RAP methods. Response Ability Pathways - or RAP - is a training course for youth professionals, educators, parents, and other adult or peer mentors. All who are concerned with young people need the ability to respond to their needs rather than react to their problems. RAP teaches skills to connect with kids in need, clarify problems, and restore bonds. Following Circle of Courage resilience principles, RAP addresses needs for belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. Physical, emotional, and social coercion are contrasted with methods proving physical, emotional and social support. Both seek positive behavior but are opposite in their thrust. Coercion blocks the very needs that are essential for positive growth... Unless positives predominate, management efforts are likely to be futile.

150 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9584770-9-3

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