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My Care: A Book for Transitions and Foster Care Workbook Bundle

Two-book-bundle of "My Care: A Book for Transitions" and "Foster Care Workbook." 

The "My Care: A Book for Transitions" booklet provides work sheets for children transitioning between foster, adoptive or family homes. This booklet was created to help children transition as smoothly as possible during a traumatic time. Helps to document details necessary to provide the most comforting care for children transitioning between foster homes, to an adoptive home or back to their family of origin after being in foster care. 

The "Foster Care Workbook" provides work sheets to use with foster children in the days after they are placed. This workbook is written from the perspective of a little girl and boy who have entered the foster care system. This workbook was designed for use in the early days after entering the system to give a voice to the children who do not even know what to say.

Author: Tina Hunter
18 pages
ISBN: 193131058
Published by: Starr Commonwealth

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