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Houston - Mind Body Skills for Emotional Regulation

Begins 10/23/2019

Prerequisite: Completion of one of these courses: Children of Trauma, Children of Trauma and Resilience, Trauma-Informed Schools, or Trauma-Informed Resilient Schools.

This course will review the polyvagal theory and the psycho-physiology of trauma, so that participants can spend most of the day learning how to apply these theories in their daily work. 

Learn how mind/body awareness and practice supports children with self-regulating and creating strong internal and external resources. 

Experiential activities are practiced to help participants understand how mind body skills become a language for self-awareness, centering, expression and great insight into helping traumatized youth see themselves as survivors. 

Participants learn how to rate symptoms and reactions while teaching grounding skills. Mind-body skills highlighted in this training include: breath work, mindfulness, movement, focused awareness, compassion, connection, guided imagery and expressive arts. 


  • Guidebook
  • CEs
  • Lunch
Central Time
Date: 10/23/2019
Start Time: 08:30 am
End Time: 03:45 pm
Instructor : Erin Reed
Location: Harris County Dept. of Education
Address: 6005 Westview
Room 1010
Houston, Texas 77055
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