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10 Steps to Create a Trauma Informed School

NEW! This book by Caelan Soma and Derek Allen provides the tools you need to put your classroom, school or district on the path to becoming trauma informed.

  • Gain an understanding of how childhood trauma impacts learning and behavior.
  • Review actual scenarios and expert answers to tough questions.
  • Learn 10 concrete steps to guide the creation and implementation of a trauma informed school.
  • Get  practical activity worksheets to copy to use with students.
  • Receive PTSD Assessment, Life Events Checklist, ACE Questionnaire, and School Questionnaire forms.


Trauma Informed Schools is also available as an:

  • Online course
  • Onsite training and coaching

150 pages
ISBN: 1-931310-63-7
Published by: The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

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